The Last Day

April 10, 2007 phoenix1231

The last day of what ? You might wonder.  Well, for some of us who work for schools, yup we did have our break but that was just two weeks, for me it was just Holy Week (give or take a few days :)) Today is the last day of our vacation. Tomorrow  we are all back to work, back to the old grind. Summer classes starts next week that’s why. Time to prepare, lecture the staff, fix a neverending and always updated schedule (remember the board of Miranda Priestly in Devil Wears Prada?)No, im not Miranda (wish i could be, oh phew! sometimes i am when the real boss is not around hahaha), im just the assistant.  But my mind you, my boss is much kinder than Miranda Priestly (more on that later).   What did i do on my last day, you might ask… well i worked on reports, called on clients etc.  Parang hindi vacation .  Parang nalipat lang my office to my home. Thanks to the laptop, internet, cellphone etc.  Before they coined the working at home thing, i was doing it for the past eight years na pala!!! Oh well…

yes, it’s really my last free day. as i write this, there’s only a few hours left of it…but im not worried, there will be other last days. Mind you we still have another vacation before school starts in june :p that why i liked working for a school


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  • 1. leah  |  April 11, 2007 at 7:07 am

    hmp, stop making corporate workers jealous of your vacations!

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